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"Fly fishing is my Quisisana (the name is Italian for "place where one heals one's self.") "........ S.L.Giuliani

The Value Guide is a series of forums by Maker and the contents of the Maker Profiles and Value Guide. It first appeared on a website owned, and run, by Mr Dick Spurr who kept it going for many years until he retired in November 2001, sadly Dick passed after a several year battle with a serious illness on March 25 2004, his presence is sorely missed. What started as a labor of love for him became one of my favorite places to visit on the web, sadly, nothing like it existed elsewhere. I have taken Mr Spurr's labor and captured its essence. I plan to maintain, and update, this guide and I ask that you please refrain from reproducing it in any way without permission, thanks. Not originally on Mr Spurr's website I updated the guide to include the E.F Payne Rod co. although it does not include values as yet, it is an accumulation of 4 catalogs dating 1931,1936,1950 and 1975 and contains loads of information, especially where model lengths changed over the years or were replaced by another model number. I plan on adding a similar guide for the H. L. Leonard Rod Co. (limited by my catalog collection as far as models are concerned) and Weir & Son Rod Co. I also plan to update the values within each maker as soon as I can. Tight lines..... banjo

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Heddon Superlative #1170 fishing rod

Author Comment
Fishnbanjos place, a great spot to pull up a chair and catch up on some of my Cracker Barrel articles, maybe nurse a favorite beverage, a fine pipe, or cigar, while you check out the Vintage Makers and Value Guide Forums. For those that haven't heard the siren song or sniffed the soul of the lovely reed, i.e. bamboo I offer this warning...... as adapted by rodmaker David Van Burgel

I recommend that you run like the wind away from this place, perhaps into your spouse's arms and tell them you have looked the devil himself square in the eyes. Tell them that those eyes were deep, and black, and close together and for a moment, maybe just a split second, you were tempted; in fact, very tempted to hang with the devil and his hexagonal carrying ilk until a brave soul, name of "fishnbanjo", broke with the devils ranks and pointed you in the direction of salvation, saying "Do not come down this cursed split cane path again, for it has the power to drain you of all your earthly wealth and perhaps even your soul". So hold on tight my child, they may be your only hope, for the power of the split cane is strong and has lured many a good person to it with its cachet.........